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Synking the one the world one website at time!

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Hi,my name is Marcus Dupree, I am the owner an CEO of Dupree Enterprises, Inc. DBA Getsynkd. I found a love for drawing and design when I was young and studied art all the way through college. At the University of Arkansas - Fayetteville I majored in computer science, but when I got out of college I couldn't see myself writing code all day in front of a computer so I took a break from it. I continued to learn new programming languages and computer design technics, because these two things have always fascinated me. Then in the beginning of 2010 I was asked by a friend of mine if I could make them a website. I said yes and they liked it so much they told other people, and soon I had more clients. So in March of 2010 I started Getsynkd as a way for me to combine my love for design and programming. I have added a lot since then to what I offer based on the ever expanding needs of business' in the world wide web. I like to think of this as my way of synking the world one website at a time. So please look around, I would love to have you as a client.

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About Us

We are web development firm that offers Web Design, Graphic Designs, Logos, Web Hosting, and SEO.

We are Synking the world one website at time!


Dupree Enterprises, Inc. DBA Getsynkd
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